April 25

Apple (Braeburn)

Before by son was born last fall, one of my “nesting” projects was making freezer meals. Being late fall our garden and apple trees were producing at full force. One of the ways I used our apples was making freezer Apple crisp. This was not our recipe, as a matter of complete honesty I have know idea where the recipe is or where I got it from. But I can assure you that it did taste excellent. 

Freezer Friendly Apple Crisp

** If you presently do freezer meals, or are interested in doing freezer meals, or just want some low priced aluminum foil pans or lids for pans. Sam’s club has a great deal.


I love a good deal. No denying it. Last Thursday I went to the Kingswood Rummage Sales with my sister in law and one of my several good deals was a food processor because our magic bullet bit the dust. This recipe is so simple and I am so excited to try it. 

Bell pepper

Another one of my favorite things to get a Sam’s club is the burrito or soft shell taco shells. Last Thursday I went and I was able to get 30 for $3. They also freeze fantastic. Just take out the amount of shells you need, a few minutes before you need them and they are ready.


*the recipe called for chicken lunch meat and I used diced chicken instead.
*I didn’t have them set up in the wreath formation like the recipe. 
*I cooked them for as long as the recipe called for and they turned out fabulous. 

Corn (bi color)






Onion (yellow)


Spaghetti squash 


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