How to Store your Stuff….

One of the common complaints that I hear about bountiful baskets is that they get too much “stuff”… Really..??!!??

And… most of the “stuff” ends up going bad as a result.

First, I offer you this advice if you are just starting out with Bountiful Baskets, start small. Yes, its a fantastic deal, but Please start small…  or you risk getting burnt out, overwhelmed, or throwing most of basket out.

Another common complaint I hear is items going bad prematurely. After brief conversation, it is often discovered that items were not being properly stored after they were picked up from the Bountiful Baskets distribution site.

I was going to make a pretty little printable that readers would be able to print off and tape on their fridge, however, life got in the way… so instead I am sharing several that I found online that are quite helpful and do the trick.




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