Presently I have way to many projects going on in my house. Sooo.. I just got a conventional basket. 
Every week that I have contributed a bountiful basket, there has always been an item (or two) that I’ve been scratching my head thinking, what I am I going to do with this?!? Well this week was the first time that I’ve had a perfectly normal basket.
Please check back as the week progresses to see all of the pictures that go along with the recipes as I make them.


If you contributed the Fondue Pack in the last distribution, the Tortillas make FANTASTIC homemade corn chips. If you haven’t made them before it is so easy. 





If you let the bananas included in your basket ripen naturally it can take quite a while. Unfortunately, I am not that patient. Therefore, I highly recommend the following advice from Tami at the distribution location I participate in: Break apart your bundled bananas and place them into a brown paper bag with the top folded down.


Butternut Squash










We spent a little time Sunday after church at a Golden Anniversary Party. Yay for their 50 years of Marriage, and for me not having to cook!! Anyway, both the food and fellowship were excellent they had a lettuce salad that was AMAZING!! I think that I found the recipe, or at least I hope I found the recipe… I’ll give it a try at least.


Last distribution’s oranges were AMAZING!! 
We continue to eat our Oranges and a majority of our apples as snacks. 
Does anyone use their oranges for something besides snacking?



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