A week in the life of a Bountiful Baskets Contributor

Please be patient with me in this post. Initially, I was going to do it in question answer format. But, as I was just about done with the post, I realized this isn’t much different from the main Bountiful Basket webpage. So I tried doing it this way.

Confession I used to HATE Mondays, there is just something utterly Chaotic about the day in my mind. But I’ve gotten over that, at least every other week. 😉

Monday of Week A  

12:00 P.M.

After much anticipation the day Contribution day arrives!!! YAY!!!

Before the contribution time opens, I touch base with a fellow contributor who I “share” an order with.

**Every account must order at least 1 basket if they wish to purchase an add on item.
However you may contribute up to 3 baskets therefore potentially splitting the fee of $5.50 (for MN) three ways. (Potentially making a basket $17.34).
Every week what is in the basket changes (you wont know what you are getting in your conventional basket until you pick it up), but the value is guesstimated around $50.00!!

 ** If this is your first time contributing, I would recommend opening your account before the contributing period begins. Also check out the detailed instructions to help you. Some locations sell out pretty fast.

All contributions must be done before the site caps out, or before the Tuesday night deadline. Payments are done on the website by either debit or credit card. The more people that order the more items you will have in your basked because a greater amount of money was pooled together however there is typically at least 6 fruits and 6 vegetable items in the basket.


Spend a little time getting ideas for what you will use any add on items for, if you ordered any. They have FANTASTIC deals on a wide variety of different “packs” and bulk fruits or vegetables, or just cooking and baking supplies.


Spend time using up the last of your last contribution basket.


If you haven’t used up all of your produce items consider freezing some of them to make room for the new items you will get in two days.


Get your box or boxes ( I personally LOVE using my large and medium utility tote from 31), ready for Pick up tomorrow. Also make sure that your contribution confirmation is printed out, or your smart phone is powered up if you plan to show your order that way.


1:45 P.M. Drop daughter and son off at the Gigi & Papa’s house, or they get to stay at home with daddy for a little bit. So this mommie gets a little time out of the house  🙂 
2:00 P.M. Volunteers arrive at the Lakefield Legion the site of the distribution for Lakefield, MN. 
Don’t be fooled, everything doesn’t get magically thrown together for the 2:15 semi arrival. The site coordinators already made a good dent on preparation for its arrival.  
THANKS for your awesome work!!

2:15 P.M. Scheduled arrival time for the Semi with all of the goodies. The semi that delivers our contribution produce also delivers to other sites which help keep prices down. But weather, road conditions, and other man made factors can also affect the semis delivery time, which in turn may affect the time your basket will be ready. 

(Don’t let this picture fool you it is freezing presently in SW Minnesota).

Look at all this fresh produce!! Last weekend was the first time that our distribution center capped out. We had 67 participants order 96 baskets and 3500 lbs of produce!!!

Look at how full the room is I couldn’t even get a picture of everything!! 
Here are (some) of volunteers that helped out this past weekend.
This Co-op literally would not exist without the help of all of the volunteers. We LOVE it!! 
– Only participants for the current offering may volunteer.
-Due to health code regulations, children under 13 may help in ways that do not touch the produce.
– Children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian,
   If you are unable due to physical inability don’t worry about it, just start helping as soon as you are able.  Also, talk with the Volunteer Site Coordinator about what your abilities are and they can usually match you with something you are able to do!  
3:30 P.M. Distribution begins 

4:00 P.M. 
Let the “foodie” pictures to family and friends begin.


Menu Plan using fruits & vegetables that you got in your conventional basket & any other items etc. 
Check back on this blog, your distribution center’s Facebook page or blog (if applicable),  for recipe ideas. Or just 

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