Canning Diced Tomatoes

It is safe to say that I have caught the canning bug. Yes in the middle of a MN winter.

I would like to apologize that this post took me a prolonged period to write. As much as I love canning, I didn’t want to mess it up for someone. Please give me feedback on this recipe, did it work for you? If not what went wrong, I would love to help and get feedback.

Here is the link for the post that we initially got our directions from.

Materials needed

Cutting board & knife 
Large bowl or bowls
Mason jars **
Mason jars lids with rims ** 
Jar lifter
** The amount of jars, lids, and rims you will need is a total guesstimate, based on how many tomatoes you are using to make diced tomatoes.
Lemon juice 
When I first got our tomatoes they were a little on the green side, at the price I got them at, and in the middle of the winter, I’m not complaining. So my mother-in-law gave me the advice to put them in a paper bag with the top folded down. It works, by the end of the week all but 2 were ready.


1. Wash tomatoes.

2. Dice tomatoes.

3. Place diced tomatoes into the clean Mason Jars, leaving 1/2 head room. **If you choose you may add water to the mixture but we do not.

4. Add lemon juice to diced tomatoes
1/2 tsp for pint.
1 tsp for quart

5. Clean and dry top of jar, place rim and lid tightly on the jar.

6. Prepare your Pressure Canner or Hot Water Bather.

7. Pressure Cook at 10lbs for 10 minutes,
Hot water bath for 20 minutes.

8. Turn off burner and let it cool down for a little bit.

9. Remove jars carefully using the jar-lifter from the canner or bather, and place them on a towel. Carefully tighten the jars if you wish to ensure that they will seal. Now the fun part, listening to them seal. If you used a pressure canner it should to it pretty quickly after you take them out, or maybe even while they were in the canner. If you used a bather it may take a little bit to have them “pop.”


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