Every week I get so excited for my basket, it’s honestly a little like Christmas for me. Here are the recipes I will be using to use this weeks delivery. As I use them I will post pictures of the dish. 

Braeburn apples-

About 90% of the time we use these for our snack items throughout the week. But here is an easy tasty desert that you can make with your apples. 


One of my favorite things about volunteering for Bountiful baskets is the extra item that you will get whenever Broccoli is an option I pick it.Typically we will chop up the broccoli, blanch it and freeze it for later use.

Cauliflower –

I just found this recipe, doesn’t it look cool! We will be having it Wednesday for supper.


* We substituted sour cream for Greek Yogurt. 

Roma tomatoes-

Tomatoes make great add ons to many many dishes, snacks, or delicious sandwiches. 
-The Crisp Cucumber Salsa called for a small amount.
-The recipe for Italian Sausage with Zucchini & Tomatoes also calls for Tomatoes.


My husband has been “telling” me for years how easy it is to make homemade mashed potatoes. Secret- it really is easy. 

*The green beans (we froze them to prevent them from going bad before we used them)and 1/2 onion used for the crockpot meet loaf were from the basket delivery on January 17th.

Italian Zucchini-



* We use ice cream instead of Ice
* We have a kitchen aid mixer, which has an attachment that makes making homemade juice sooo easy… 


Iceberg lettuce-

This time I shredded 2/3 the head for tacos, salads, etc. 
The other 1/3 I use to make wraps with (using the lettuce as the wrapping material.)

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